It Can't All be Extravagance and Lavishness: Which Budget Hotel to Choose in Edinburgh

The Royal Scots Club Premier Inn Barony House

There is definitely a time and a place for extravagance. Weddings, birthdays, family events, leaving parties, and many more such significant celebrations simply call for a little bit of extra effort, time, and money, as do some special family holidays. Luxurious hotel stays and lengthy trips away certainly have their place in every person's calendar, but unless you're considerably wealthy or don't care for saving money then budgets are a reality. Luckily, there are many establishments out there in the world that understand the budgetary constraints of travellers and those wishing for a relatively inexpensive getaway at a pinch. The "B" word doesn't have to have such negative connotations anymore because hospitality businesses are being forced to be strongly competitive; this can only be good for the customers. More and more hotels are being compelled to offer higher quality service at lower prices, so without further hesitation, this page should provide you with some fantastic examples of the best budget hotels in Edinburgh.

Alba House

Alba House

Staying somewhere on a budget doesn't necessarily mean compromising on the beauty of the location you are willing to stay at: Alba House is a prime example of this sentiment. You will find Alba House in the Craigmillar conservation area of Edinburgh. The building is actually a Victorian townhouse that has undergone restoration, allowing the building to return to the glorious appearance it once had and offering a rather luxurious setting for visitors to stay at, and one that you wouldn't think has any hint of "budget" about it.

Alba House has ten rooms to choose from, each consisting of either double or twin rooms containing flat-screen TVs, iPod docking stations, Freeview TV access, and most importantly for travellers, free WiFi. Alba cottage is also a fantastic option for families wishing to accommodate on a budget: this is located in the garden grounds to the rear of the main house. Room prices of course fluctuate according to the time of year but the rates are simple and split into two periods of the calendar. The Winter Tariff (1st November-28th March) has rooms between £75 and £110 per night, depending on the day of the week (the £100+ is for the cottage, which is excellent value for money); the summer tariff ranges from £110 to £250, with the latter again being for the cottage. To book, you can visit the Alba House website. It is also recommended you check out some of the reviews on's Alba House page: they are exceedingly positive and reflective of the excellent hotel that Alba House is.

Hotel Ceilidh-Donia

Hotel Ceilidh-Donia

You won't find anything along the lines of luxurious surroundings or lavish extras in Hotel Ceilidh-Donia, but this small hotel offers extremely competitive prices and yet is still situated in a wonderfully grand building a mere 25-minute walk from the city centre, meaning you'll be able to get there in 5 minutes with a car. This convenient location isn't the only great thing about the hotel either as you will be surprised to find that its interior is as striking as its exterior. Modern and spotless decoration features inside the hotel, the restaurant, and the rooms themselves, making it look more like a hotel you would find on a bigger budget.

There are seventeen rooms in total at this hotel ,each offering en-suite facilities as well as the basics like TVs, iPod/iPhone docking stations, and broadband internet readiness. You can even request to borrow one of the hotel's three sets of golf clubs if you're in the mood for 9 or 18 holes but haven't thought to bring your clubs with you. Though tariffs aren't readily available on the Hotel Ceilidh-Donia website, entering your desired time of stay will reveal that many rooms are less than £100 per night, making this hotel extremely affordable yet with the look and feel of a more expensive establishment.

Duthus Lodge

Duthouse Lodge

Duthus Lodge's website may not look like that of a fancier hotel but don't let this fool you: the beautiful and grand 1860s listing building adds to the premium feel of the hotel. The rooms are warmly decorated, with the pictures on the website revealing that many of the rooms have decoration similar to a well-kept family home. There are 9 rooms in total with double, triple, and family rooms available.

The hotel is situated in close proximity to the city centre as well as other key tourist attractions in Edinburgh. It is lucky enough to be one of the few guest houses in Edinburgh to have its own car park, so you don't have to worry about finding a convenient parking spot. The only drawback is that you have to email or call the hotel in order to find out the prices of the rooms, and the lack of online booking is a little disappointing.

Premier Inn Edinburgh Princes Street

Premier Inn

There was once a time when people would dread staying at a Premier Inn, but nowadays you will find that most of them actually have quite a bit of character about them in spite of being one of the most widely-known hotel chains in the UK. The distinctive purple colour of the sign is always a giveaway of course, and don't expect a grand Victorian townhouse: Princes Street Premier Inn is as one would expect - clean, modern, and great on a budget.

One of the main draws of this hotel is the location, which is on one of the most famous streets in Scotland and therefore close to a great deal of amenities and local attractions. Rooms start from £82 which is a fantastic price for the location, so book yourself a room there now on the official website.

The Inn on the Mile

Generally positive reviews of The Inn on the Mile are present on the appropriate TripAdvisor page, though what is most intriguing initially is the name of the hotel which comes from the fact that it is situated on the high street of Royal Mile.

The Inn on the Mile is host to regular events such as jam sessions, quizzes, and special food nights such as 'steak and schooner' night. Being an inn, there is a pub in which one can enjoy some great food and a good selection of drinks as well. Spa treatments are available as well as special offers and discounts for multiple nights' stays (these can be found on the Inn on the Mile Hotel Section of the website)

Edinburgh Central Guest House

Edinburgh Central Guest House

The heart of the city is where this guest house resides (the clue is in the title), and you can expect a fine building, clean and comfortable rooms with modern décor, and a variety of rooms to choose from as well. Though the hotel itself doesn't have an overwhelming selection of amenities, its central location means that there are plenty of things close by for you to do including an off-site gym, local restaurants and nightclubs, and billiards. A hearty continental breakfast also tops of your morning here. View the Central Guest House website for more information and booking options.

Barony House

Barony House

Barony House is a 3-star hotel that provides an excellent stay on a budget. The building is a Victorian terraced villa and is quite spacious inside. Much of the original wonder of the building remain such as the high ceilings and decorative flourishes seen around the house. Owners Leo and Susie have 20 years of experience catering for guests and therefore offer a fantastic experience for any type of guest.

Though the hotel is fairly sparse on luxuries, you will find all of the usual things like tea/coffee making as well as WiFi and a variety of different rooms to suit all tastes. The Barony House TripAdvisor page has a score of 94% for this establishment, so you can expect a great stay every time.

Royal Scots Club

The Royal Scots Club

The Royal Scots Club is probably one of the most luxurious hotels in this entire list. After all, it hosts conferences and meetings as well as catering for guests on a budget who still want the luxurious surroundings afforded by the more extravagant hotels out there. The dedicated restaurant offers some pretty fine dining and the 25 rooms that make up the club's accommodation are individually designed and are en-suite.

The hotel is located 5 minutes from the city centre, an enviable location indeed as well as being situated within an UNESCO world heritage site. Rooms range from around £80 to around £200 depending on the size of room and the time of the year you are booking. If you venture to the Royal Scots Club website you can discover just how luxurious your surroundings will be if you choose to stay there.

The Cameron B&B

The Cameron Bed & Breakfast

This is a family-run guest house located in the Newington district of the city, which is about a 25 minute walk from the city centre. The building doesn't look like your typical Edinburgh guest house but be assured that the rooms are basic yet cleanly decorated with a modern style. A full Scottish breakfast is available in the morning, and there is a selection of room types to enjoy. Visit the Cameron B&B website to view photographs of the interior/exterior and to make further enquiries.

Stay Central Hotel

The Central Stay

The slick Stay Central website allows you to browse around the particulars of this hotel which has 37 rooms decorated with an entirely unique style. The philosophy states on the website is along the lines of wanting to make the stay memorable, and the decoration most certainly does this as you are unlikely to find anything like it elsewhere. Rooms are sized with the same system as clothing: S, M, L XL, XXL and also a private dorm.

Most of the rooms share common features such as rainfall-style showers, a fully-stocked fridge, a safe, and even hand-made soap. This truly is one of the quirkier places you are likely to stay in during your time in Scotland, and is one of the more expensive budget hotels with prices topping out at around £350 for the XXL rooms.